In the section below, you’ll find various publications, including quarterly market reports and white papers. 

UK Market report

The UK Market Reports provide the viewer with an overview of the UK market based on research, surveys and data.

2017 Q2
Although many analysts predicted an immediate negative economic impact on the UK following the vote to leave, the economy grew at a faster rate in...
2017 Q3/Q4
Progress was made in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, as the leaders of the 27 other EU Member States have agreed at the December European Council...
2017 Q1
A letter invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and officially notifying the EU of Britain's decision to withdraw from European Union - US MARKET...
2016 Q4
The High Court ruling that the Government must seek approval from Parliament for any Brexit deal was a setback for the Conservative administration...
2016 Q3
Although business surveys in the second half of 2016 do suggest that the vote for Brexit has affected sentiment in the UK, there are signs that the worst fears...
2016 Q2
The long-term consequences of the Brexit referendum remain unknown, as so much regarding the future deal between the UK and the EU still remains unresolved..
uk market
2016 Q1
Even as the Brexit “showdown” in June draws closer, the UK economy remains on a high with key indicators supporting a solid foundation for economic...
2015 in Review
This report contains macro and micro economic data based on Oxford Economics. The data is accompanied by our analysis of the economy and political landscape...
uk market

White papers

The white papers below aim to provide the reader with an insight into various cases and topics, including sustainability, digitalization, business and politics.

Europe - Getting Ahead wih the Cloud
August 2017 - Business and Politics Series Cloud computing presents a fundamental change in the way we transfer, store and consume data in Europe, offering opportunities for government, businesses and private consumers...
Europe Comes of Digital Age
June 2016 - Business and Politics Series The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) marks the beginning of a new era in Europe, with rules and regulations fit for the digital age. It is intended not only to strenghthen EU citizens' rights but also to...
Harmonising Upwards
February 2016 - Business and Politics Series The discussion on the potential of regulatory cooperation has mainly been concerned with the merits of mutual recognition or harmonisation of standards. What has not beendebated to the same...
A Balancing Act - White Papers
June 2015 - Business and Politics Series Investment protection is necessary for attacting foreign capital but it must be balanced with public interest. A world leader in economic forecasting and quantitative analysis, A world leader in economic...
The UK Market
April 2015 - Industry Series Approximately 99% of 300,000 Danish companies are small medium enterprises (SMEs). They are quite competitive in the sophisticated business sector providing goods and services in niche areas making them some of the most innovative in Europe according to an EU report...
Wind Power in Europe's Renewable Energy Mix
December 2014 - Industry Series The EU imports 53% of its energy at an estimated 1 billion Euro a day. Renewable is still finding its way as a cheap sustainable source, though it accounts for around 20% of the energy mix. At an aggregate level, it still has to deal with the...
The EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
September 2014 - Business and Politics issue The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the most ambitious Free Trade Agreement in history. “It’s expected that every year an average European household...
Post EU Elections Conversation: "What Should Businesses Expect?" White Papers
June 2014 - Business and Politics issue BCCD launches the first series of its Business and Politics Forums to assit its members establish the link between political trends and how they affect their local and cross border operations...
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